The Annual AIRSOFT X Festival

Welcome to the official website for the International Airsoft X Event & Expo – hosted by Airsoft League SA, accommodating all Airsoft Organizers, Venues, Stores, Manufacturers and Players from around the world.

4 Days of Airsoft

60% Airsoft 40% Social

Festival & EXPO

Local & International

Prizes to Give Away



Airsoft Youtuber and EX UK Military Veteran.
Names Nicco has attended all Airsoft X events to date he is a great influencer in the world of Airsoft & YouTube, with loads of personality, all the way from the UK.

Watch here below to view his experience.
Nicco Sky Dives into Airsoft X
Nicco in a Helo Extraction at Airsoft X


Christof, the man behind the Novritsch Brand and second largest influencer on YouTube in the industry, attended Airsoft X 2023 and enjoyed the experience of Sky Diving into the Game like the game Call of Duty and playing around all the wildlife that roam freely.

Watch here below to see his experience.
Novritsch Sky Dives into Airsoft X
Novritsch at Airsoft X


Famous Youtuber and Professional Airsoft Sniper.
Kicking Mustang is a Big Name as YouTube & Airsoft Influencer, with the most insane sniper game style, plays here in South Africa at Airsoft X, the very reason why some chose the sniper game style to begin with.

Watch here below to view his experience.
Kicking Mustang flys in to Airsoft X in a Helicopter
Kicking Mustang Plays at Airsoft X


Pick Your Team!

Airsoft League SA

Onyx: The Onyx team is an elite enemy forces unit known for their ruthlessness and efficiency on the battlefield. They operate with a high level of coordination, executing precise maneuvers and strategic strikes. Onyx members are highly trained combatants who excel in stealth and close-quarters combat. They are often equipped with advanced technology and weaponry, making them a formidable adversary. The Onyx team’s primary objective is to disrupt and neutralize opposing forces with swift and decisive actions.

Airsoft League SA

Liberty: The Liberty team is a militia group dedicated to defending and preserving the ideals of liberty and justice. Committed to the protection of their homeland and the rights of its people, Liberty members are courageous and resourceful fighters. They are known for their ability to adapt to different terrains and conditions, utilizing guerrilla warfare tactics to counter enemy forces. The Liberty team operates with a strong sense of camaraderie and a deep belief in the principles they defend.

Airsoft League SA

Apex: It represents a team that aims to achieve unmatched excellence, rising above all challenges and dominating the battlefield. The members of Apex are highly skilled and well-trained individuals who demonstrate superior tactics, precision, and coordination. They are known for their swift and calculated approach, striking their targets with maximum impact and efficiency. Apex operates as a cohesive unit, executing their missions with unwavering determination and professionalism.

About Us

Something For Everyone!

The Evolution of Airsoft X: From World Records to Global Festivities

The iconic annual Airsoft X event has solidified its reputation as the premier gathering for airsoft enthusiasts worldwide. Beginning with a historic indoor 24-hour airsoft event, Airsoft X has continued to break records and raise the bar year after year. With its roots in South Africa, this event has not only become a staple in the local airsoft community but has also gained international recognition, drawing players from around the globe.

A Record-Breaking Start
The journey began with the Largest Indoor 24-Hour Airsoft Event ever held, which brought together players from diverse backgrounds to create history. This inaugural event set the tone for what would become the hallmark Airsoft X experience, captivating players with its unique blend of intense competition, camaraderie, and a shared passion for the sport.

Airsoft X 2022: Shaping a New Era
Building upon the initial success, Airsoft X 2022 established itself as the must-attend airsoft event of the year. The event grew in scale and ambition, introducing Helicopter Extraction into the gameplay and drawing even more international participants. With a festival-like atmosphere, the event went beyond the boundaries of traditional airsoft tournaments, immersing attendees in a vibrant celebration of the sport. The commitment to improvement was evident, promising a continuous evolution that would keep the event fresh and exciting.

Airsoft X 2023: Continual Growth and Community Unity
The momentum carried into Airsoft X 2023, which promised even more captivating experiences and greater participation. The event’s ethos of promoting growth within the South African airsoft community was showcased prominently. Bringing together players, venues, organizers, and stores from all corners of the country, Airsoft X aimed to strengthen the sport’s foundation while fostering a sense of unity. The event’s success hinged on creating an immersive environment and introducing Sky Diving into an Airsoft Game for the first time in the World, that not only catered to seasoned players but also welcomed newcomers to the airsoft world.

Looking Ahead to Airsoft X 2024: A Thriving Legacy
With each passing year, Airsoft X has proven its commitment to driving the growth of airsoft in South Africa. The stage is set for Airsoft X 2024 to be yet another milestone, promising an even more enriching experience. From expanding player participation to introducing innovative game features and activities, Airsoft X continues to set new standards for what a dynamic airsoft event can achieve.

In conclusion, the annual Airsoft X event has evolved from its inception, transforming into a global phenomenon that brings together airsoft enthusiasts from all walks of life. Rooted in the spirit of community, growth, and celebration, Airsoft X has become a beacon of the sport’s passion and potential. As the journey progresses, the promise of an even brighter future for the event and the South African airsoft community at large remains a constant driving force.

Airsoft embodies a unique social experience that elevates the sport to unparalleled heights. We firmly believe in the adage that a remarkable day in airsoft is 60% camaraderie and 40% gameplay – a truth that resonates deeply. With Airsoft X, we’re dedicated to delivering a weekend of memories that will linger in your conversations for months, if not years. Our mission revolves around crafting an all-encompassing adventure, beginning within our secure zone, where a convivial, well-maintained event ambiance awaits. Here, you’ll find onsite boutiques, enticing prizes, a bustling bar, and a global assembly of airsoft manufacturers.

As the action unfolds on the “battlefield,” the freedom to customize your experience becomes paramount. You’re the master of your weekend, choosing your paths, objectives, and timing. It’s our distinct approach to airsoft gameplay that kindles the desire to return, time and again.

Whether your preference is to chart your own course or emulate a seasoned operator, engaging with the dynamic three-day scenario or finding your blend in between, the focus remains on an incredible time for everyone – akin to an airsoft holiday, devoid of rigid schedules. We extend an open invitation to your entire family, inviting them to partake in a camping weekend that fosters an electric atmosphere where boredom and solitude are foreign concepts.

For those enticed by the prospect of joining the grandest airsoft congregation this year, peruse our website. There, you’ll uncover a comprehensive overview of the Airsoft X ethos and gain insight into the immersive plans we’ve crafted for the 2024 Airsoft X NOW 4 day weekender.









Resources for Exhibitors & Sponsors

Venue & Store Exhibitors

To all Airsoft Venue owners, Store owners, Resellers and Manufacturers, who would like to Exhibit at AIRSOFT X.
Email: marketing@saasl.co.za

Food, Beverages & Service Exhibitors

To all Food Vendors, Beverage Vendors and Service Providers, who would like to Exhibit at AIRSOFT X.
Email: marketing@saasl.co.za

Want to be a Sponsor

To all who are interested in Sponsoring Airsoft X
Email: marketing@saasl.co.za


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Register to Play!

No Teams Required, this is for anyone that wants to play or be apart of Airsoft, from anywhere in the world. Bring the whole family.
Click the link below to Book your entry.
See you there.

Frequently Asked Questions Below:

Please read though before calling us as we are trying to cater for everyone as best as we can.


We’ll add to these as they come up…
Q: What is the weekend schedule?

Wednesday 17 April 2024:
Early Access Tickets & VIP Only arrival

Thursday 18 April 2024:
Normal Access Tickets arrival
VIP Only Game
Expo Trade Opens

Friday 19 April 2024:
Game Day 1
Live Entertainment in the evening
Expo Trade day 2

Saturday 20 April 2024:
Game Day 2
Live Entertainment in the evening
Expo Trade day 3

Sunday 21 April 2024:
Game Day 3
Final Expo Day 
Entertainment throughout final Day

Q: What is the earliest I can get there?
A: Gates opening times to be confirmed soon…
Q: What is the latest I can get there?
A: To be confirmed
Q: Are we allowed to bring Alcohol?
A: No, we have a cash bar and beer tent on site.
No Alcohol allowed to be brough on to the premises.
Q: Can i bring my own food?
A: Yes braaing is socializing at its best, however there will be many great food stands available.
Q: Are airsoft grenades allowed on your site?
A: Yes, Definately but only high quality smoke grenades are allowed. Such as EG Smokes sold at the exhibitions stands on site
Q: Is there clean drinking water on site?
A: Yes, there is a water supply and several vendors around the site and camping area.
Q: What are your FPS limits?

Click our Ruleset Tab at the top of this page 


    Q: What is the minimum age for the weekender?
    A: All Ages can play.
    Under 14 Years of age, players are to be under parental/guardian supervision.
    Children and family members are welcome to join you camping whatever the age.
    Q: Can I come for just 1 of the days?
    A: Yes
    Q: Can I come on my own or do I have to be part of a team?
    A: You can do either, as you choose. Being part of a team is not a requirement – go freelance or join up with others.
    Q: Can I bring a generator?

    Yes, but please choose wisely when positioning yourself in the camping area! While we are aware that people have come to Airsoft X to enjoy themselves, we ask that everyone is aware that some people will be going to bed at a reasonable hour. All music and generators in the camping area must be switched off, or down to an acceptable level as it gets late.

    Marshals will be patrolling the camping area and if you are asked to reduce your volume, please do so without argument.

    They will decide if the hour is too late or the volume is too loud. Not complying with their request will result in you being asked to turn it off completely, or leave the site


    Q: Can I use pyros on site?

    Unfortunately not at all, as there are Zebra and Buck walking around the camp sites and resort.

    If you want to use grenades then purchase something that uses green gas.

    Q: How far away is the camping site from the parking and game area!
    A: You park next to your tent, the game and exhibitors area is less than 20 meters depending on where you setup, max 50 meters.
    Q: Can I bring a caravan?
    A: Yes, but you must use that as your living, sleeping and socializing area. You will not be permitted to pitch a tent or a marquee in addition to your caravan (excluding awning) as it will occupy too much space forcing others to camp further away than necessary. Please also note that this is a fully functional campsite, so there are electrical hookups and proper toilet facilities with showers!
    Q: Can I bring a dog?
    A: We do not allow dogs on site as there are wild animals on site.
    Q: I’m coming from far away, I can only get flights that arrive the day before.
    A: No arrivals, for whatever reason, are allowed before Wednesday morning. If you need to arrive in Johannesburg before the event is due to start
    Q: Will there be toilet facilities this year?

    YES. there will be fully functional toilet facilities which are proper bathroom facilities with showers, Toilets and basin with running water and drinking water.


    Q: Are there any showers?
    A: Yes there are fully functional shower facilities.
    Q: Are there battery & phone charging facilities?
    A: We do have electricity on site so please bring your chargers with so that you are able to charge you own batteries.
    Q: What is the price?
    A: The prices will be available soon.
    Q: Are HPA guns allowed?
    A: They are permitted, as long as they conform to our normal FPS limits.
    Q: Do you have HPA filling facilities?
    A: Yes, you are able to refill HPA bottles for a small charge from within the on-site shops.
    Q: Are there camo requirements for the different teams?
    A: No, you are free to wear any type of camo/kit you want. We issue coloured bands to identify which team players are on.
    Q: When do I get my player pack?
    A: On arrival at the venue
    Q: Can I change my team after buying a ticket?
    A: Yes you can buy contacting us personally to make arrangements.
    Q: Can I use your SA-ASL or Airsoft X Festival logo on my own flag/patch/banners?
    A: No, our logo and other assets can not be used without our prior written approval. So please ask first.
    Can’t find an answer to your question?
    Clicere for our contact information
    • Why Airsoft League SA?

      We are so much more than a field we are a community.

    • What is Airsoft?

      Airsoft is an action sport, but we make it about the experience.

    • Why is Airsoft Good?

      Not many things get someone off the couch, physically active, socializing, and relieving stress. Airsoft is all of those things.

    • How to Airsoft League SA?

      What you can expect when you show up at Airsoft League SA.

    • Where to Start?

      Come out to any of our events and see for yourself.