Tectonic Innovations Quake 8 Way Impact Grenades

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Tectonic Innovations Quake 8 Way Impact G’s

At Tectonic Innovations, our mission objective is to provide the highest quality re-usable p-technics to the industry. Our Bangers are expertly manufactured in the UK by Master Craftsmen, only using the toughest materials and undergoing meticulous quality control from start to finish.

Using a simple yet effective design, our “Quake” series of BFG’s are constructed from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum, meaning the device can be used time and time again, without compromising on reliability.

At the top of the Quake is the stainless steel plunger, which upon impact hits the pin. This then pushes the toughened steel pin into the 209 primR, which is held in place by the aircraft grade alloy multi hit base. It will activate if any part makes contact with a surface

The beauty of the Tectonic Quake is that it only needs priming once per base. Simply unscrew the base, drop your primRs into the apertures and then re-attach the base. To use the device, twist the base into position and drop or roll the BFG where you want it to go off. When you are ready to reuse the Quake, twist the base to the next position and repeat up to 8 times!

The Quake is available in a total of 12 colours; tacti-cool never looked so cool.


Dimensions – 40mm x 40mm x 125mm

Weight – 460g

PrimR Type –  6millimeter / 209

Material – Stainless Steel, Aircraft Grade Aluminum

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Yellow, Zombie Green, Army Green, Cyan, Blue, Purple, Silver, Black, Grey, Orange, Red, Fuchsia, Pink